Scented Candles and How They Affect Us

Scented Candles and How They Affect Us

Although scented or aromatherapy candles come to the fore for interior decoration design, they remain a mystery as a ritual in countries with mystical culture. Colorful and fragrant candles can be used to bring spring into their homes early or to keep the soothing effects of spring alive in all seasons. The most intriguing aspect of the candle culture, which has a history of more than five thousand, is the practical information about its benefits and use. Here are the details about scented candles…


What Are Aromatherapy Candles With Scented Candle? What are the Differences?

Scented candle consists of candles produced using various essences. Aromatherapy candles can also be evaluated in the same class in terms of having various scents. However, some aromatherapy candles or scented candles are special and can be used with essential oils to enhance their beneficial effects. In this respect, it should be said that the determining factor of scented candle quality is its content. The color features and design of the candle, which will be preferred as a decoration product, can be taken into consideration. Those who want more can determine their preferences by looking at the effects of color, odor and content.


What Are the Benefits of Scented Candles?

Scented candles have different properties. Each feature can create a different benefit and effect. In general, the stress-reducing effects of scented candles can be mentioned. In addition, some candles provide benefits with their relaxing effect in cases such as sinus seizures and nausea. Candles, which are used to create a positive effect on breathing exercises during exercise or yoga, also have a relaxing effect on the energy flow. In addition to the general benefits of scented candles, there are benefits that come to the fore according to their changing characteristics. In this respect, it can be mentioned that candles enriched with basil oil have a positive contribution to focusing skills. In addition, candles strengthened with tea tree oil against the common cold in winter, cleaning the ambient air relieves the symptoms of discomfort.

The prominent ingredient in scented candles is lavender. The calming effects of lavender, which has a very aesthetic color and appearance, are known by almost everyone. At the same time, lavender oil comes to the fore with its essential oil feature, which quickly mixes into the air and increases the air quality of the environment in which it is used. Lavender oil, which is also used in scented candles, reduces symptoms such as depression and fatigue. You can create a much healthier environment if you use lavender scented candles with soothing effects in the living room or bedroom.

For a candle that offers a calming alternative to lavender, candles containing chamomile oil can be considered. Despite the intense scent of lavender, chamomile is in a much lighter fragrance class. In addition, it is a plant that is considered almost equivalent to lavender in terms of its relaxing effects. Chamomile scented candles can be a good choice, especially for those who need a comfortable sleep or have trouble falling asleep. Roses can also be used together with chamomile. It is known that rose-scented candles have curative effects against the symptoms of depression.
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