Perks of Having Plants at Home

Perks of Having Plants at Home

There is no one who does not know the incredible effects of plants on people. You grow your favorite, colorful plants on your balconies, living rooms and offices. Do you know their benefits? So what are the benefits of having plants at home for you? We have prepared this blog post that can answer this question.

Indoor plants, in particular, not only look good; they also help you feel good mentally and physically. The rumor that plants make people happy is actually true. Indoor plants provide a pleasant and calm environment to move around, work or relax.

According to the researches, we can list the benefits of indoor plants as follows:

  • Increases your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue.
  • Cleans indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.
  • Creates a sterile living space.
  • Makes you happy. 🙂

Let's take a closer look at these benefits.

Benefits of Growing Plants at Home

Increase your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.

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Most of us know that being close to greenery will make us feel better, and we inadvertently suffer more when there are no plants around, and our mental health is badly affected by this. A significant number of academic studies prove that indoor plants help us at this point. The productivity, concentration and creativity of people who work, read and spend time in areas with indoor plants increase much more than other people. Would you like to try this by buying various indoor plants for your home or office and placing them in your living spaces? Making your home or workplace happier and more productive is just a few clicks away.

They reduce stress and fatigue.

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When you're feeling a little down, walking in a park or in nature is amazing, isn't it? Because when you come into contact with nature, relaxation increases and mental fatigue and stress levels decrease. Touching greenery creates an unconscious calming effect. As stress and fatigue will decrease in places where indoor plants are located, performance and productivity will increase gradually.

Cleans indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

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Indoor air pollution, often as a result of building materials, mold and viruses in the home, makes the air circulation as airtight as possible, reducing the air quality you breathe and energy efficiency. The good news is that; The indoor plants you have come into play exactly at this point, absorbing the toxins, separating them and making them useable and making the air you breathe better and of higher quality. At the same time, indoor plants also have features such as reducing carbon dioxide levels and balancing humidity. According to the list prepared by NASA, you can choose indoor plants that clean the air; Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum), Phoenix Roebelenii, Love Ladder, Spider Plant (Ribbon Flower), Hall Palm, Gerbera, Wall Ivy, Kimberly Queen Fern, Bamboo Palm (Areka), Cornstalk Dracaena.

Creates a sterile living space.

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According to studies, indoor plants also have the effect of reducing background noise. The results of the research show that the leaves of the plants absorb, refract or reflect the background noise. In fact, according to research from a graduate student at South Bank University in London, some herbs are particularly effective at absorbing high frequencies. You may want to consider making room for more plants to make your workplace or home work environment calmer.

They make you happy.

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In addition to all these effects mentioned above, it is obvious that plants make us feel better and make us happy. More than just a decoration, plants make our lives brighter and more enjoyable by being in the same environment with us. They enable us to manage our energy and keep our stress under control. Bringing nature indoors and trying to create a new nature indoors; an alternative that people have applied and maintained for thousands of years.

Beyond these; there's even a scientific name for our love and predisposition to plants: Biophilia! Biophilia is defined as our tendency to prefer natural environments as a result of evolution.

If you haven't given a chance yet to those amazing plants, which make you concentrate and be more productive when they are in the working environment, create a natural calming effect with their appearance, relax your mind and soul whenever and wherever they are, and revive both your senses and your mind, we strongly recommend to try them!

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